AStickyPostOrderER WordPress 3.1 compatibility patch

07.10.2011 released a new plugin — Q2W3 Post Order. It is based on AStickyPostOrdeER, but have several advantages: fully rewritten code, improved performance, post ordering for custom taxonomies and custom post type archive pages. You can directly download it,  or visit plugin home page.

Patch for AStickyPostOrdeER is still available:

Current version of AStickyPostOrderER (0.3.1) is not working after update to WordPress 3.1.

Here is unofficial patched version of the plugin that can work with WordPress 3.1+. Do not install it if you are running older WordPress versions!

How to install:

  1. Upload patched version (0.9.5 26.03.2011).
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Open FTP connection to your host and replace the original plugin files in wp-content/plugins/astickypostorderer folder.

List of fixes:

  1. Posts order on category/tag pages.
  2. Super-sticky option.
  3. Problems with options saving on plugins settings page.
  4. Problems with posts order on  plugins settings page.
  5. Included trashed posts fix.

Note for WP Multisites users. Network activation is not working for this plugin yet. Plugin must be activated manually for each site.

Now I think the main problems are fixed. If you’ll find one — let me know in comments.

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38 ответов к “AStickyPostOrderER WordPress 3.1 compatibility patch”

hi, do you gonna update your plugin to have custom post type compatibility? actually im using a wordpress theme that use custom post type taxonomie and the actual version of your plugin is not compatible with my theme, you know how to fix this?

my custom post type is: ad_listing and custom post category is: ad_cat

please can u make a compatibity patch for custom posts!!!

the post order im trying to fix is the slider below the welcome.
first, when i sort the post inside astickyorderer, it works fine. but in the actual website, it doesn’t. there’s inactive file within the plugin, how can i make that work?

2nd, the default limit is 30, when i increase it by 10 it returns to default (30).

hope you can help me on these..

thank you.

Wich function you are using to retrieve posts for the slider?

Also looks like you are using page for your fronpage — in this case Astickypostorderer will not work. It works only on taxonomies and archives pages, not single…

Hello Max. I thought this plugin would help me, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly. I’ve installed it correctly (from what I can see) and gone into ‘tools’ to arrange things. However, it doesn’t seem to sort (or allow me to sort) anything, and when I select one category of post to be super-sticky, it changes nothing. All the posts continue to be ordered by date.

I’m just in the early days of building my site (on WordPress 3.2.1), so everything is test or temporary. If it helps, it’s Blogs are housed on a separate page with the ‘home’ page now being a static front page, as set in ‘settings/reading’, just in case that has any bearing.

Apologies if this is my own inexperienced stupidity. It seems to work great for everyone else. Thanks in advance.

I installed the file from the link at the top of this page after having tried the original and failing (then finding it might not work for newer version of WP. I deleted all the files associated with that original installation and installed your version instead.

OK, this is where I think I may be being stupid, so for the avoidance of any doubt, in tools/astickypostorderer, I’ve set all the categories to ‘default’ stickyness.

If I then click on a category title I’m presented with a list of sorted records (with ‘no records found’ underneath) and a list of unsorted (the four trial posts currently available). I’m afraid I can’t see how to order them.

Got there in the end. For whatever reason you can’t see any input fields on screen (but they are there). Looks like it’s sorted now. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

My ex employer had been abusing me didn’t have any time for other projects, thus I resigned about a month ago. Back on my own time now.

Have been meaning to rewrite the plugin from the ground up, there was some really nasty code in there, and it could be made a lot more elegant and user friendly — it was my let’s-learn-php project.

If you’re interested we could consider collaborating on it if that’s possible — don’t want to take anything away from your hard work, but also not sure I want to let go of it completely.

Collaboration is the best way I think!

>Have been meaning to rewrite the plugin from the ground up
Well, I already did it on 90-95%

Give me some time (about a week) to finish my version. Then I’ll send sources to you and you’ll decide what to do: use them as base (I hope you will) or not (that’s will be a pitty, but OK — you are the author).

What do you think about Meta-stickiness options? Many people told me that they are not understand them and don’t use them… currently I switched Meta-stickiness off.

Will you integrate my patch in official version or wait for a new version?

The meta stuff is generally over-kill. I’ll wait for your new version and then make up my mind. Maybe we spplit the plugin into two that can work together.
One thing I’m curious about. Are you still using the extra DB tables to store the ordered positions etc?


>Are you still using the extra DB tables to store the ordered positions etc?
Well, I decided to use them (with a little upgrade). Just to maintain compatibility with old version settings.

Wow, Andre!
Where have you been?!? )

The work on a new version is going on… I want to add support of custom taxonomies and custom post types (it’s allready done, now fine tuning plugin interface).

But now I need to know your plans about a future of AStickyPostOrderER. Will you support it and develop new features?

If you’re interested we could consider collaborating on it if that’s possible – don’t want to take anything away from your hard work, but also not sure I want to let go of it completely.

what does it mean
user have who have downloaded & use the plugin can work but there is a conflict somewhere

Thank you Max to take this plugin alive
i have a link-back into my site for the plugin author AndreSC
i don’t know why….!

Hi everyone!
Now I am working on a new version of Asctickypostorderer.
And I want to ask you a few questions about how you use this plugin.

The main question — are you using all this meta-stickiness stuff? I mean Super_Sticky option, Sub-sticky and Droppy.
Or you are using mainly Default setting just to change natural order of post in categories and on a frontpage (as I did)?

Why I am asking?
I have an idea to not use these meta-options in a new version. Because they heavily impacting plugin performance.
Also I don’t like them because if you have several Super-sticky categories, plus several Sub-sticky — the resulted order will became very complicated….

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