AStickyPostOrderER WordPress 3.1 compatibility patch

07.10.2011 released a new plugin — Q2W3 Post Order. It is based on AStickyPostOrdeER, but have several advantages: fully rewritten code, improved performance, post ordering for custom taxonomies and custom post type archive pages. You can directly download it,  or visit plugin home page.

Patch for AStickyPostOrdeER is still available:

Current version of AStickyPostOrderER (0.3.1) is not working after update to WordPress 3.1.

Here is unofficial patched version of the plugin that can work with WordPress 3.1+. Do not install it if you are running older WordPress versions!

How to install:

  1. Upload patched version (0.9.5 26.03.2011).
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Open FTP connection to your host and replace the original plugin files in wp-content/plugins/astickypostorderer folder.

List of fixes:

  1. Posts order on category/tag pages.
  2. Super-sticky option.
  3. Problems with options saving on plugins settings page.
  4. Problems with posts order on  plugins settings page.
  5. Included trashed posts fix.

Note for WP Multisites users. Network activation is not working for this plugin yet. Plugin must be activated manually for each site.

Now I think the main problems are fixed. If you’ll find one — let me know in comments.

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38 ответов к “AStickyPostOrderER WordPress 3.1 compatibility patch”

I had good luck with this patch when I updated to WP 3.1.x but the patch doesn’t seem to work in WP 3.2.1. This is a multisite install. Regardless of the order I put posts in using the AStickyPostOrderer dashboard interface the posts are not reordered. Advice?

Sorry, doesn’t work for me. I die upload it on a WP Multisites 3.1 and activated it (only) for my subblog. There’s nothing to see when you write a post (there used to be a skip frontpage, stick to category option …

Thank you SO much! You just saved my bacon… I just upgraded my site to WordPress 3.1.2 and nearly had a heart-attack when StickyPostOrderer was broken and did not seem to work any more!

I didn’t know what I would or could do. But here I found your site and you have saved the day — thank you!

I sure hope the plug-in author can work with you to get this officially updated for the newest versions of WordPress. It’s the only thing I had any problem with in the upgrade, and I have over 30 plugins.

Spaceba bolshoi!

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