Q2W3 Post Order WordPress Plugin

This plugin lets you manipulate the order in which posts are displayed.

Requires WP 3.1 or higher!

Q2W3 Post Order is a descendant of a well known AStickyPostOrderER plugin. Because it was not updated for a long time I decided to make an upgrade which could be available from wordpress.org.

The main changes are:

  1. Since version 1.1.0 added ability to stylize ordered posts (see FAQ for details)
  2. Plugin was completely rewritten
  3. Now you can change order of posts on custom taxonomy and custom post type archive pages
  4. Removed Meta-Stickiness options — the plugin became lighter, faster and easier to use
  5. Added support for internationalization
  6. Advanced uninstall
  7. Plugin settings page was moved from Tools to Settings section

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Russian (ver. 1.2.4)

How to install:

Important! if you have AStickyPostOrderER installed — deactivate it before installation!

Then you can use standard plugin installation procedure inside WordPress, or manually download and install plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to enable custom taxonomies and custom post types support?
    Open plugin setting page. Look in upper right corner of the screen, there is a Screen Options dropdown panel. There you can enable/disable custom taxonomies and post types.
  • How to stylize ordered posts?
    For each ordered post two css classes are set: q2w3-post-order and q2w3-post-order-{n}, where {n} is post position number.
    Use q2w3-post-order css class to set general style for ordered posts.
    Use q2w3-post-order-{n} to set unique style for specific post position.
    Note! You have to use post_class() template tag in your theme.
  • How to disable plugin for feeds, pages and custom queries?
    You can add a parameter q2w3-post-order=disable to the url.
    For example http://example.com/feed/?q2w3-post-order=disable — that meens your main feed will be sorted in natural order.
    If you use custom queries:


    Array style:

    query_posts(array('cat'=>13,'showposts'=> 10,'q2w3-post-order'=>'disable'));


  • 1.2.8
    Added post date in post listing tables
    Fixed a few more php warnings and notices
  • 1.2.7
    Trying to fix problems with post saving
  • 1.2.6
    Fixed Problem with the update
    Fixed Does not sync the sorted list when updated the post
    Fixed Private posts are not listed
  • 1.2.5
    Fixed Minor coding issue with WP 3.5
    Tested compatibility with WP 3.5
  • 1.2.4
    Fixed a few non critical bugs
    Updated help section
    Added russian translation
    Tested compatibility with WP 3.4.1
  • 1.2.3
    Fixed bug when installed with ClassiPress Theme
  • 1.2.2
    Fixed php warnings and notices
    Post order number now can contain up to 6 digits
  • 1.2.1
    Fixed bug with 404 page on sites with non standard db_prefix
    Checked compatibility with WordPress 3.3 RC3
  • 1.2.0
    Added debug mode.
    Added option which allows Editors to access plugin settings page.
  • 1.1.0
    Added ability to stylize ordered posts.
    Fixed small bug with post ordering in hierarchical taxonomies.
  • 1.0.0
    First public release.


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77 ответов к “Q2W3 Post Order WordPress Plugin”

Greetings. I am using the TwentyEleven theme (for the moment, as I am getting started), and have successfully installed and implemented your plugin on the home page, using categories for sorting. However, when I visit the monthly archive page, the posts all appear in order of submission. Is there a way to have your plugin override that and sort the month by category as well?

Thanks so much. I don’t quite understand why WordPress doesn’t come with this important functionality built in!


At this moment sorting of date archives is not supported as well as author’s archives.

To sort month by category is not possible I think, because category may not have all posts.

Theoreticaly it is possible to sort date archives by post type archive order. I’ll try to add this option in the next release.


I use your plugin! It is awesome, thanks!
There is however a small bug, I think. But perhaps I made my theme wrong..

Example: I have 5 posts I’ll call them (a,b,c,d,e,f). And I order them like this:

a =1

When I view the page the order is correct. But when I am in dashboard it says:

What do I do wrong?

Would it be possible to use this plug-in to exclude a post(s) altogether? Or is that a functionality that could be added? It would be very useful to be able to do that. Please?

the plugin is exactly what i need for my site.
However after i check on some of the function of my website, it seem crash with the site.

Some of the website categories link were lost after installing the plugin.
It took me some time to find out. (the site was working fine after i deactivate the plugin.

My website is http://www.1MalaysiaAds.com
Can you fixed the bugs?

Hi, i’m using Arras theme, like you do, and i’m having only 6 featured posts of one category, plus 2 posts of another category on Home.

The 6 featured posts are some of the arra’s capabilities, and the 2 other are located on the primary widget, using another plugin.

I’m using Q2W3 1.2.1, and it’s working fine when re-arranging the categorie’s posts order. the thing is, that the changes aren’t working on the website itself, so i don’t know if you can help me on that.

Thanks a ton! (:


This plugin can not sort posts in Arras «Slideshow», «Featured Posts #1» and «Featured Posts #2» areas on site home.
It can sort only «News Posts», because here Arras is using default WordPress functions to get posts!
Try to switch from «Featured Posts» to «News Posts»

Hi, I used this plugin for my website (www.pansemilla.cl), and I’m having problems sorting some products. I want to change them, and in the plugin section appears like it’s right, but it’s wrong on the website.

Also I have hierarchy order, but I don’t need it, like:
— Oils
—— Olive Oil
—— Avocado Oil
—— Etc…

I just order them in Oils and in Store and doesn’t arrange them.

Do you know why?

thanks in advance.

The errors were 404 errors. I just re-ordered one post, and then every category except Home displayed the 404 errors.

Hi Max,

Sorry, I was expecting an email, so I just found your response. Thank you for getting back to me. As luck with have it, a Russian developer, Leonid Yevseyev, is now helping me with my WordPress site. I will have him contact you. It is good to know you are working on the plug — being able to order the posts by importance instead of time is very important to me. Thanks again.


Hi, I hate chronological order and way prefer to order my posts according to importance.

I used A Sticky Note all the time. I am excited about your updated plug. But it did not seem stable when I tried it, it broke the site, cannabis-commerce.com.

Has it been stable for you?
Is there an update coming?
Do you think my web guy may not have installed it correctly?

Thank you for an answer.

Cannabis Commerce


But it did not seem stable when I tried it, it broke the site, cannabis-commerce.com.

There were any errors, white screen or just post order was unexpected?!

Has it been stable for you?

Yes. I tested it with my theme and default themes (Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten) and didn’t find any problems.
I can make tests with your theme, If you’ll send files to me.

Do you think my web guy may not have installed it correctly?

I think webmaster is not guilty )
It could be theme incompatibility.

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