Q2W3 Fixed (Sticky) Widget WordPress Plugin

Fixes positioning of the selected widgets, when the page is scrolled down.

Enable «Fixed widget» option on ANY active widget and it will be always in sight when page is scrolled down.

You can select more then one widget without overlapping!

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How to use

Go to Appearance -> Widgets, open widget options. There you’ll see «Fixed widget» checkbox. Enable it and see the result on public pages.

Enable "Fixed widget" option

Enable «Fixed widget» option


Appearance -> Fixed Widget Options.


Fixed Widget Options

Margin top defines space between browser window top border and first fixed widget (in fixed mode):

Margin top

Margin top

Margin bottom defines space between page bottom border and last fixed widget (in fixed mode, when scroll in its bottom position):

Margin bottom

Margin bottom

Set margin bootom = footer height to prevent overlapping!

Refresh Interval defines (in milliseconds, 1 sec = 1000 ms) how often plugin recalculates sticky widgets parameters. Required by sites with dynamic content (infinite scroll, image lazy load and other javascript stuff). The option have impact on the site performance (client side). Recommended values: 250 — 1500 milliseconds. If you don’t have dynamic content, set Refresh interval = 0.




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